Hadlow,Tonbridge, Ken

Lurcher - Saluki x

LSB 2496/7/J:

Lurcher - Saluki x - bitch (entire)
Saluki type coat
Brown and tan
Black nose and tail with white tip
Feathered coat. White feet, white tip on tail, black snout, mottled underside, white chest
Age: 6 months
Wearing a brown rolled leather collar
Name is "Maddy"
Went missing from: Hadlow,Tonbridge, Kent on 19/07/06
Circumstance of loss: She was off lead @ 8.30 and went out of sight, was called and haven't been able to find her since.

Corpusty, Norfolk


LSD 2489/7/J:

Greyhound - dog (neutered)
Smooth coated
White patch on chest
Tattoo:  SVH (Left ear) AY (Right ear)
Height: 27' approx
Age: 3
Name is "Mikey"
Went missing from:  Corpusty, Norfolk on 13/7/06
Circumstance of loss: We are a rescue called Kerry Greyhound Connection. We rehomed Mikey on 12 july and he got out on 13 july. He was seen in the local area on 14 july but has not been seen since
Additional Info: Mikey is a very nervous dog and we want people to phone if they see him rather than approach him: 07909 532387


Patterdale/Border Terriers

LSOB 2490/6/J:

Terrier x-  JRT x Patterdale - bitch (entire)
White hairs under chin
Small pup. Docked tail
Age: 6 weeks

LSOB 2491/6/J:

Terrier x - JRT x Patterdale - bitch (entire)
Brown and tan
Docked tail
Age: 6 weeks

 LSOD 2492/6/J

Terrier x - JRT x Patterdale - dog (entire)
Mainly black with tan legs and ears and white on chest
Docked tail. Very small pup
Age: 6 weeks

LSOD 2493/6/J:

Terrier x- JRT x Patterdale - dog (entire)
Tan and brown dog
Docked tail
Age: 6 weeks

LSOB 2494/6/J:

Terrier x - JRT x Patterdale/Border Terrier - bitch (entire)
Brown and black tips on face. Black and yellow spot on hind quarters
Docked tail
Age: 6 weeks

LSOD 2495/7/J

Terrier x- JRT x Patterdale/Border Terrier - dog (entire)
Docked tail. Big pup
Age: 6 weeks

All these pups were stolen from :  Patching, near Worthing, West Sussex on 29/6/06
Circumstance of loss: Stolen from loose box at stables where they'd been placed temporarily
Additional Info:  Crime number: WW2/5617/06


Lurcher - Deerhound x - bitch (neutered)

LSB 2488/7/J:

Lurcher - Deerhound x - bitch (neutered)
Rough coated
Golden brown colour: small amount of white on chest; face going grey. Dark brown eyes
Lots of old scarring on legs, old injuries to feet and tail tip.
Microchipped to WAW
Height: 24 ind app
Age: 5 years
Wearing a tapestry house collar; no tags
Name is "Maggie"
Went missing from: Kidderminster (A456 - Birmingham Road), Worcs. on 14/7/06
Circumstance of loss: Maggie pushed the front window open, jumped out, and took off down the road around 3:30 on Friday, July 14 while I was off taking a funeral.Maggie was sighted (and reported to Vale Vets 01592 822692) by someone who saw her heading down the Birmingham Road towards the centre of Kidderminster.
Additional Info: Maggie is microchipped to Warrington Animal Welfare

St Merryn Cornwall

Jack Russell Terrier x

Jack Russell Terrier x - bitch (entire)
Rough coated
Brown patch over right eye
Height: 13 ins
Age: 6 years
Name is "Patch"
Went missing from: St Merryn Cornwall on 1/7/06
Circumstance of loss: went missing from garden


Jack Russell Terrier

LSOD 2484/6/J:

Jack Russell Terrier - dog (entire)
Smooth coated
Black and tan face with white muzzle. Large black spots on sides - Left hand side resembles a heart shape. Black around base of tail
Docked tail.
Height: 8 INCHES - 20 CMS
Age: 14 WEEKS
Wearing a black collar with red bone ID tag
Stolen from: Rugby, WARWICKSHIRE on 27/6/06

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